Smart Junior Developer (PHP, JS, Java, C / C++, C#, Ruby, Python etc.)

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  • LuckyWare Pro
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  • повний робочий день
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Інформація про вакансію

A goal-driven, responsible developer who is ready to work with any programming language (PHP, JS, Java, C / C ++, C#, Ruby, Python etc.) is urgently required.

You are compatible with us if:

- you are passionate about programming, if you are eager to study new programming languages and constantly learn new information in the IT field;

- you already have experience of at least 1000 hours of active coding and/or code debugging (it can be commercial or non-commercial experience such as: development of your own projects, university projects, diploma projects, freelance, etc.);

- the quality of your code is important to you;

- you are able to solve the required technical tasks and communicate in the process (for example, duly ask clarifying questions);

- you are an honest and decent person!

LuckyWare Pro company works with well-known Companies from Germany, Switzerland, UK, US, and Canada.

What we offer:

  • Interesting projects
  • Official employment
  • Paid vacation days
  • Bright office with modern renovation
  • Convenient location of the office (3 minutes from a subway station)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Comfortable working conditions: a large table, two monitors
  • Paid sports and activities
  • An option to order lunch to the office
  • Tea, coffee, fruit
  • Corporate parties (New Year, the Company's birthday, monthly corporate events)
  • Celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries and Company holidays with our employees
  • Annual bonus "Health"
  • Paid babysitting services for employees who came back from parental leave early
  • Corporate English courses with a native speaker

We are waiting for your resume at:Smart Junior Developer (PHP, JS, Java, C / C ++, C#, Ruby, Python etc.)


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