Учитель английского/ english teacher working in China

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  • Elantu International Culture Development Co, Ltd
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  • полный рабочий день
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Информация о вакансии

English teacher in Beijing, China

Job Description

Form 1:

1. As an English teacher for 3-6 year-old kids in kindergarten;

2 .Working schedule: Monday-Friday from 8: 00 to 17: 00, of which, 2 hours for your rest and lunch, and the food will be provided by the school;

3. Working modes:

1)To organize classes and play games with kids;

2)About 30 minutes each class

Form 2:

1. As an English teacher for 3-12 year-old kids in training center;

2. Working schedule:

1) Wednesday - Friday from 13: 00 to 20: 00;

2) In weekends from 8: 30 to 18: 00;

3) 1 hour for rest and lunch,and the food will be provided by the school;.


1?. good English pronunciation;

2?. With experience in teaching kids will be better;

3?. Responsible, outgoing, friendly, hardworking and easy to work with.


1. Free picking-up service;

2. Can enjoy all holidays regulated by the government of China with salary; Summer and Winter vacations are permitted, but without payment;

3. Accommodation provided

4. Offer assistance in working visa;

5.Показать RMB/M, depending on performance. 6.public holiday

6. 40 hours to work in a week, including 25 hours to teach English.

7. 2 days off per week

please send me your CV and introduction video