Java senior developer for REALPAD

Вакансия от:
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  • Заработная плата:
  • График работы:
  • Город:
  • 50000 грн.
  • полный рабочий день
  • Киев

Требования к кандидату

  • Образование:
  • Опыт работы:
  • полное высшее
  • обязателен

Информация о вакансии


  • Great communication.
  • Ownership mentality.
  • Ability to deliver without constant supervision.
  • Proactive approach to solving problems.


  • 65% extend our core product - REALPAD CRM.
    • … cloud application written in Java.
  • 25% merge a separate product into the core
    • … a CRM that is currently standalone but makes more sense as a module in the core.
  • 10% identify and introduce new & noteworthy technologies.
    • ...and teach us the cool things you already know.
  • Frontend, backend and APIs.
    • may also take on as much devops and analytical work as you feel like.


  • Fulltime remote position with extreme flexibility. This is in our DNA.
  • Creative freedom, participation in decision making.
  • Small and friendly team of three developers, one of whom is our CTO = original author of the CRM.
  • Plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Hardware / software budget.
  • Assistance with relocation to Prague, should you choose so in the future.