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Colnect is a worldwide community of collectors. Our website offers collectors around the world unique services in 60+ languages. As there are always more features requested, our small and very friendly Colnect dev team is looking for more web developers to join us. We need independent, responsible, dedicated, self-motivated, efficient and creative developers. You will be responsible for your own tasks and once done, we will quickly deploy them and you&# 039;ll see how the community enjoys your work. Work is freelance, full-time and location-independent. Ideal for travel lovers and people who hate commuting and dressing up for an office ;)


  • Proven knowledge of PHP/JavaScript/CSS/HTML and ability to learn by yourself
  • Responsibility for own tasks and getting things done without constant guidance
  • Have a workspace with a fast Internet connection and a fast personal computer
  • Intermediate English as our work environment is in English. While your English doesn&# 039;t have to be immaculate, you should be able to communicate with others in written and sometimes spoken English.
  • Having created a fully-fledged website would be a great advantage.


  • Freelance, set your own schedule and be anywhere you want.
  • Our dev team is small so bureaucracy at a minimum.
  • Work hours (170 per month) logged with a time tracking app which takes screenshots.
  • Daily online communication, mostly written but voice conversations as well.

In order to apply for this position, you should fill out the application form that you will receive by email.

We reply to ALL applicants so if you haven&# 039;t heard from us in 3 days, write us.

Looking forward to working with you :)


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