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- Development and support of a cross-platform application for IOS and Android on Flutter
- Participation in the discussion and approval of solutions to various technical problems

- At least 1 year commercial development experience on Flutter
- Understanding the life cycle of a mobile application, widgets, context, state within the Flutter framework
- Understanding the principle of operation and architectural interaction of the components of one of the approaches to managing the state of the application (BLoC, Redux, MobX, Riverpod)
- Experience with UI/UX design
- Understanding the principles of OOP, SOLID. Ability to adapt to work with a specific architecture and project structure
- Understanding the principles of client-server interaction, and data exchange formats (REST, JSON). Experience with RESTful APIs and ability to integrate calls into Flutter applications
- Ability to work with the Git version control system

- Flexible schedule, with us you can start the working day like a lark or an owl
- Possibility of career growth
- Competitive salary, the specific size depends on the steepness of the candidate. You can always say your desired salary and we will consider your offer
- A cozy and modern office in Kyiv, a stone&# 039;s throw from the Pochayna metro station
- Weekly meetings after work with board games / console
- Joint trips to the cinema, on quests, corporate parties
- And most importantly, we have a young team, there is no officialism and bureaucracy, we strive to help and support each other. With us you can upgrade your skills, learn the industry from the inside and influence the company&# 039;s top projects


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