Помічник керівника, Business Assistant, офіс менеджер, English speaking

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  • IRES
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  • Київ

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Інформація про вакансію

– Ukrainian provider of Integrated Facility and Management Project
Management services for international corporate accounts (commercial
real estate).

В IRESВ Integrated Facility Management department is looking for new team member - Business Assistant.В 

OurВ client is a global technology company in the field of payment systems.

В Our new team member currently will work remotely with 2-month probation period.В 

when the company office will be reopened (potentially - after wartime),
the work will request the presence in the office space.

The office location – in BC Leonardo ( near Opera Theatre).

A working laptop will be provided.В 

В Official employment in our company

Working hours are from 9: 00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m.

Salary - competitive, according to the result of the interview.

Once a year, an annual bonus in the amount of one month&# 039;s salary is additionally paid

В The main functions are:

 • Assist the General Director of the Representative Office and other staff upon request;

• Verification and coordination of booking of meeting rooms;

• Answering and forwarding phone calls to relevant persons;

• Coordination of reservation of parking spaces;

• Registration of incoming/outgoing correspondence and sending of physical documents upon request;

Assist in arranging meetings, travel and accommodation for the General
Director of the REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE (air ticket, hotel, transport,

• Assistance with the dismissal of colleagues (documentation, obtaining equipment);

• Reservation of tables in a restaurant

• Carrying out planned control of office security to ensure the optimal level of operation of office premises and equipment;

• Communication with the technical service of the Business Center

• Issuance of office admission cards for new employees

• Organization of internal and external events, for example, catering/restaurant;

• Inventory of the main assets;

• Coordination with the IT department on all office equipment;

• Assist newcomers/Onboarding, incl. passing of equipment;

• Assisting in signing documents by the general director, vice presidents and employees;

• Checking the performance of suppliers, ensuring that the services provided are planned both in terms of volume and cost;

Implementation of initiatives to ensure best practice in every aspect
of service delivery with particular emphasis on cost, quality and
customer satisfaction.

• Support in the preparation of reports and any other financial requests

 We’re looking for someone who

? Is able to collaborate in person on a regular basis.

? Has excellent written and spoken English -– no less than upper-intermediate.

? Is obsessed with creating customer value and taking care of every team member.

? Good knowledge of Windows software packages - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, work with Google Tables.

? Is an empathetic, active listener with compelling communication skills.

? Stress-resistance and responsible person.

? Is a proactive, initiative, and result-oriented person.


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